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“Amore per la bellezza” translates as “A love of beauty” and that is the essence of who we are. We believe that hair is one of the most important elements which contributes to feeling beautiful and that’s why our team has spent over 20 years developing services and techniques to bring out the very best in every single client’s hair.

We are here to listen to you, find out what you are looking for and, drawing on the latest trends, create a unique look which not only enhances your face shape and complexion, but also expresses your individual style.

Roberto Lauteri

25 years’ experience

Robert has worked alongside many of the world’s leading hairstylists in his quest to learn new techniques and accumulate knowledge which he in turn shares.
Highly sought after throughout Italy as an educator and renowned for his communication skills.
Works with many leading companies in the beauty sector.
Leads a team which delivers national training for Davines.
Regular guest on the QVC shopping channel where he contributes as a beauty expert.

Danila Pace

15 years’ experience

Our salon manager, famous for the warm and professional way she welcomes every visitor to our salon. Also known as Mrs Fix It thanks to her problem-solving ability and knack for keeping everyone happy.

Alessio Leonardi

20 years’ experience

Embraces all that is new and is not afraid to constantly update his own look.
A wizard when it comes to creating your perfect total look.
Fiercely sought after as a hairstylist and make-up artist by brides on their Big Day

Vanessa Boniti

6 years’ experience

Gentle and exceptionally client-focused, Vanessa is one of our colour wizards. Her ability to create ravishing results through styling sets her apart.

Erika Martinez

3 years’ experience

The youngest member of the team, thoughtful and discreet, she is passionate about colour. She may have been with us for a relatively short time but she is a super-quick learner and has already become an expert in all the techniques she has tried.

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